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10/11/2016 (Tue)


Every SHINDO plant uses multi-products small-lot production system to cover the entire process of
projecting, developing, weaving, knitting, piecing and dyeing (printing & special finishing) in an unified framework.
We are committed to supplying the world with our products while conducting strict quality management programs,
in all 8 production categories, as well as keeping our focus on the future and moving forward.

SDS, SHINDO Quality Control Standard Code

To meet the increasing quality demands and the rapidly growing acceptance of ISO 9000 series,
we have developed our original quality control standard code, titled SDS, with the support of QTEC (Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center).
This code was compiled by rearranging various test procedures and quality standards used in textile industry,
and it ranges from product failure prevention to countermeasures when the failure occur.
The SDS is now preserving and enhancing our product quality.
Furthermore SHINDO have placed quality management section in sales headquarters to carry out thorough quality control for every product.

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