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We embrace
environment, culture, and future

SHINDO conducts three lines of businesses, namely ribbons and trimmings, industrial materials and silicone. We continue to integrate the three different lines to take on challenges for the development of unrivaled new products in the world.


At SHINDO, we use our global business strategy to keep costs down to a minimum, and deliver environmentally friendly products.

Message from SHINDO

SHINDO, formerly known as SHINDO Seni Kogyo-sho, was established in 1970 as a manufacturer of ribbons and trimmings for clothing and accessories.

Striving to be a comprehensive manufacturer of clothing and fashion accessory materials, SHINDO's operation reaches well beyond Japan to expanded sales channels overseas. SHINDO operates 6 showrooms, including Paris and New York, and 16 sales offices across Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
We work on product development by maintaining a constant focus on consumers, responding to ever-changing global situations and social mechanisms, taking the environment into consideration and making a commitment to security and safety.
In addition to our textile business, we have developed the Industrial Materials Division and the Silicone Division to contribute to society as much as possible, and continue to embrace new businesses and product development.

2019 marks the company's 50th anniversary. Having achieved group sales goals established at founding and capital-to-asset ratio, development of operations in three business lines, and responding to globalization, we will continue to take on new challenges in the coming 50 years.