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10/13/2016 (Thu)

Awards and Technologies

SHINDO’s productive capacity, in which we take into consideration our global business strategy as well as cost reduction and environmental friendliness, has been highly rated within Japan and around the world, based on evaluations of the leading-edge technologies that we have developed and the efforts that we have made for overseas markets.

We have been awarded the Judging Committee’s Special Award
in the sixth annual Most Treasured Company in Japan Awards.

About the Most Treasured Company in Japan Award

  • [1] Employees and their families
  • [2] Subcontractors and suppliers
  • [3] Customers
  • [4] Community
  • [5] Shareholders

Companies should truly treasure these five (as well as people in general), and continually work to bring about people’s happiness. In order to commend companies that truly go above and beyond in this effort, and to hold them up as examples for other companies, these awards were established in 2010.
In its first year, recognition began with the METI Minister Award (recognizing particularly excellent companies, regardless of scale), the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director Award (recognizing particularly excellent small- and medium-scale companies), and both the Committee Chairperson’s Award and the Judging Committee’s Special Award. Starting in the fifth year of these awards, the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare Award (recognizing companies that promote employment of people with disabilities, elderly people, and women, as well as demonstrating overall management that works to reduce long work hours, etc.) was added as well. SHINDO was nominated for this award in part for our dedication to these ideals, and in part because of our continued success due to this dedication - since its inception, SHINDO has never seen a drop in profit. As such, it is our honor to be recognized by this esteemed institution.


SHINDO’s S.I.C. Complete Photo Album
Awarded a Silver Medal
in the Second Division of the 57th Catalogue Fair

SHINDO’s S.I.C. Complete Photo Album has been awarded a silver medal in the product division of the second division of the Japan Federation of Printing Industries’ 57th Catalogue Fair. The S.I.C. Complete Photo Album was awarded a silver medal for its well-displayed products and beautiful page design, and was praised for its high degree of polish as a catalogue.


About the Catalogue Fair

The Catalogue Fair began in 1959 as the Catalogue Fair of the Tokyo International Trade Fair. Starting with the 5th in 1963, a poster exhibition sponsored by the Printing & Publishing Institute Co., Ltd. was added, which came to be known as the “Catalogue Fair” in a nod to its history.
There are two divisions: the first division (illustrated catalogues) and the second division (ordinary products, high-priced products, manufactured goods, mail-order, guides, PR publications and advertising-supported publications provided for free, and reports).
The judges are drawn from sponsors and government offices, advertisers, consumer representatives, and publicity and executive board members for the printing and publishing industry, including Katsumi Asaba, Shin Matsunaga, Hitomi Sago, and Hiroshi Kashiwagi.


Received a Minister of State
for Science and Technology Policy Award

Outline of the Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Award<

Since 2003, the Japanese Cabinet Office has bestowed commendations in order to enhance the promotion of industry-academia-government collaboration activities in Japan through praise of achievements, with regard to distinguished examples of success that greatly contributed to the promotion of industry-academia-government collaboration activities by attaining considerable results, making pioneering efforts, or making contributions in other ways in industry-academia-government collaboration activities among enterprises, universities, public research institutions, or other similar bodies.


Evaluation of the Application of Carbon Fiber to Airplanes

This project on the application of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the aviation field, in which SHINDO was involved, received a Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Award, a category of Merit Awards for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, from the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. These merit awards, which have been granted since 2003 in order to publicly commend distinguished industry-academia-government collaboration projects, include the Prime Minister’s Award (the top award granted to a single project) and other ministers’ awards. In 2015, 14 projects in total were awarded.

Click here for more information.

August 28, 2015

Included in the “Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100”
by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Outline of the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100

One of the missions of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is to support Japanese enterprises that excel in developing business overseas and are leading Japan’s economy, so as to ensure the improvement of such enterprises’ global competitiveness. From this viewpoint, METI decided to commend outstanding enterprises that have achieved excellent results in developing business overseas as Global Niche Top companies (hereinafter "GNT companies") and to establish a GNT Companies Selection 100 program, aiming to share the experience of such outstanding companies among the public and provide other enterprises that wish to be GNT companies with such experience as an indicator to show the direction of business management.

METI selected the winners for the first time since the establishment of the program. METI called for applicants of the program and selected the winners after having an examination committee of external experts evaluate them.

Focusing on the following evaluation criteria of whether or not such applicants [i] compatibly achieve both global share and profits, [ii] have unique and independent characteristics, [iii] address approaches to risk of losing out to competitors, and [iv] maintain sustainability of their global share, METI selected 100 enterprises as "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100."

In the GNT Companies Selection 100 program, the committee examined applicants categorized into the following groups from [1] to [5].
The numbers of the winners in each category are as follows:


  • [1] Machinery and processing (52 companies)
  • [2] Materials and chemistry (20 companies)
  • [3] Electricity and electronics (15 companies)
  • [4] Consumer goods and others (13 companies, including SHINDO Co., Ltd.)
  • [5] Next GNT (7 companies)

March 17, 2014

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