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10/11/2016 (Tue)

High-added-value secondary clothing and accessory materials and the techniques
used to produce them bring out the development of new proposals and developments
for products across all fields of everyday life.





Our original brand, S.I.C.(SHINDO Item Catalog), comprises 722 item numbers. If all of the color and width variations are counted, the total number of regular products amounts to 41.069.
By Order

By Order

The technology we have developed in the fashion industry is used for all kinds of sportswear, lingerie, accessories, etc. Moreover, because we use our trend book to suggest product images and specifications, we have gained a great deal of trust on the market.


SINFINITY, the brand name for our decorative ribbons, is a combination of the S of SHINDO and the word INFINITY. The ∞ logo is reminiscent of the shape of a ribbon; it is a striking symbol of the possibilities of this brand, which boasts a wide variety of designs.
Textile Materials

Textile Materials

We seek out new possibilities for textile materials. We spend every day developing new products for all parts of everyday life, from electrical applications to architectural materials and exterior goods.


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