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12/4/2016 (Sun)

Environmental Activities

With objectives such as maintaining our business activities as a manufacturer while also protecting our environment, fulfilling our social responsibilities, and ensuring that our customers can feel safe while using our products, SHINDO engages in environment protection activities. As a result, we obtained ISO14001:2004 certification in November 2007. We will continue to improve our activities to further promote environment protection activities.

Environment Policy

As a manufacturer involved in silicon raw material fabrication, SHINDO's group companies, we conduct our activities with consideration for the environment, fully aware of the impact that manufacturing has on the global environment.

  • 1) Recognizing the impact that its business activities can have on the environment, the company promotes energy conservation, resource saving, and reduction and recycling of waste.
  • 2) By setting and working towards the achievement of periodic environmental objectives and targets, we continue to work on the improvement of our environment management system developed through ISO14001, and on the prevention of pollution.
  • 3) In addition to complying with all environment related laws, we abide by any other requirements that we have committed to.
  • 4) Being a company that is cognizant of the environment enables us to provide products and services that our customers are able to trust.
  • 5) We will also apply at the household level the methods for reducing environmental load that we have acquired through activities based on the EMS, aiming to live in harmony with the society of which we are part.
  • 6) With the elimination of waste from these activities, we will streamline and improve the efficiency of our operation, and promoting cost reduction.

Created on: September 10, 2008

Revised on : March 1, 2010, July 20, 2011, July 21, 2012


SHINDO Co., Ltd.

CEO, Tadashi Shindo

ISO14001 Certification Obtained


Certified organization:

SHINDO Group   -SC Company

Scope of Registration:

Supplemental fabrication, development, and inspection of silicon raw material

Registration:November 19, 2007
Registration Number:EC07J0111
Certifying Agency:Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality(JACO)


We have Been Registered as a Fukui Enterprise
that Promotes Women’s Activity

Fukui Enterprises that Promote Women’s Activity are enterprises and groups that the prefecture registers as working to actively promote women taking active roles in their activities. Widely announcing these efforts publicly is intended to further promote the efforts by these enterprises and groups to promote women’s activity.

More than half of the women who live in Fukui prefecture work outside the home; when workplaces acknowledge women’s abilities and provide them with responsibility, it helps to revitalize the prefecture as a whole. In addition to registering enterprises and groups that actively work to promote women’s activity as Fukui Enterprises that Promote Women’s Activity, the prefecture provides support for these efforts.

The date of registration: February 5.2016
The expiration date: March 31.2019

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