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Jun. 4, 2024

Factory information NO.1/Needle Loom Weaving Machine


Ishizuka Factory/Needle Loom Weaving Machine : Production of plain woven tape

The most standard woven machine with needle loom.
The thread is passed through a weft needle that has movement in a semicircle from the left side (weft yarn), pass through the warp yarns moving up and down, and the weft is caught by the needle on the right, and then the fabric(tape) is produced by beating it with metal reed.
It is possible to make various woven fabrics such as stretchable ones, tapes, piping, etc., and it is highly productive because it can operate at high speed compared to wide fabric machines.




We strive to improve technologies and the environment that are required for reliable craftsmanship, and we continue to work on manufacturing high-quality products made in Japan.