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May. 15, 2024

Thickness comparison chart


Thickness comparison chart
Compiled a table of thickness of each Herringbone Tape by style number, ranging from thin to thick.
For samples. please reach out your sales representative or fill the contact form below with your information.


SIC-198 / POLYESTER HERRINGBONE TAPE (about 0.2mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-198

SIC-146 / COTTON HERRINGBONE TAPE (about 0.3mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-146

SIC-233 / ORGANIC COTTON HERRINGBONE RIBBON (about 0.3mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-233

SIC-186 / METALLIC HERRINGBONE RIBBON (about 0.4mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-186

SIC-134 / COTTON HERRINGBONE TAPE (about 0.5mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-134

SIC-EB010 / HERRINGBONE STRETCH BINDER (about 0.5mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-eb010

SIC-5037 / POLYESTER HERRINGBONE RIBBON/SOFT STRETCH (about 0.6mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-5037

SIC-950 / RECYCLED POLYESTER BELT/HERRINGBONE (about 0.7mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-950-50

SIC-135 / COTTON HERRINGBONE TAPE (about 1mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-135

SIC-262 / DENIM HERRINGBONE RIBBON (about 1mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-262

SIC-241 / COTTON HERRINGBONE RIBBON (about 1.7mm thickness) https://sicen.shindo.com/products/sic-241


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