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Misc / Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

SHINDO Co., Ltd. ("SHINDO") understands that it is an important social responsibility of ours to ensure appropriate control over private information
that is collected from our customers in necessary business transactions or from our employees.
As such, we make every effort to ensure the protection of private information by enforcing the following privacy policy to all members of our management and employees.


Control, collection, usage and provision of private information

(1) Control of private information

SHINDO shall establish a system to provide appropriate protection and control over private information.
This includes the development of internal policies regarding the appropriate collection, usage, and provision of private information,
and the strict adherence to such policies.

(2) Collection and usage of private information

When collecting or using private information,
SHINDO shall clearly disclose the intended objective for using such information,
and shall handle private information only within the necessity of achieving such intended objectives.

(3) Provision of private information

SHINDO will not provide or disclose private information to any third party
unless we have obtained express prior agreement to such provision and disclosure from the individual.

(4) Outsourcing handling private information to a commissioned company

Collected private information may be sent to external commissioned company for purposes such as direct mailings or data processing.
Under these circumstances, only commissioned companies that meet our own safety standard levels are selected to ensure privacy protection levels are maintained, and appropriate control and oversight is enforced. 


Legal compliance

We promise strict compliance with the law, government guidelines, and any other regulations concerning the handling of private information. 


Control and safety measures for private information

We will ensure the safety and accuracy of private information by providing necessary precautions against risks to private information such as illegal access, loss, damage, alteration, and leak.
In the unlikely event of a security breach, we shall make every effort to minimize any damage and take immediate corrective actions.


March 1, 2010


CEO, Tadashi Shindo


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