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  • NCF(Non CrimpFabric)

    Multi-Axial Non Crimp Fabrics makes The Next Generation of SHINDO are Ideal Products as Reinforcement Material for FRP.
  • Functional Materials

    Functional Materials
    SHINDO supplies unique warp knitting fabrics using the reinforcing fiber as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber, ceramic fiber and other kind of fibers by own technology which have been cultivated by production of textiles for the worldwide fashion market.
  • Thin Ply Thermoplastic Prepreg

    Thin Ply Thermoplastic Prepreg
    A thermoplastic resin impregnated material reinforced with unidirectionally aligned carbon/glass fibers.


"SHIMTEQ" is a product made by IM company including NCF(Non Crimp Fabric), Functional Materials, Thin Ply Thermoplastic Prepreg and so on using various reinforcing fibers such as Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Aramid fiber etc.

"SHIMTEQ" made using SHINDO's warp knitting technology was cultivated over the years, the applications are widely adopted in the industrial materials fields mainly in Aerospace, Automobile, Marine, Wind power, Construction civil engineering etc where strength, rigidity, lightness property and so on are required.

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